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Ben I-B
Hello, random visitor!

Here's a little background about me: I'm currently working in retail at a geeky shop selling board games, RPGs, and home brewing supplies. I recently got my BA in Philosophy and Theatre, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing anything with it.

In my last year at university I was the creative director of the philosophy students' association... a fancy title for "the person who makes the posters". This year I reprised my role, and have been doing more posters for the UWPhSA on an as-needed basis. It's given me something to do.

When it comes to drawing, I'm basically self-taught; I doodle somewhat frequently (though less so of late), and every now and again a friend or family member will ask for my services drawing something. I guess I have had some lessons that apply in a general way, though: I took a stage makeup course, as well as a drafting course in university.

I'll update this every once in a while, but this gives you a general idea. Feel free to look around; I've tried to keep things tidy, so you may find most of my work is tucked away in folders. Dig it out and let me know what you think!

Pleased to meet you.

Current Residence: Earth, 2011.
I really should be updating this more often. ...Not that anyone reads it, but hey! Since when has that stopped anyone from writing?

I don't really have any exciting news, though.... That's the trouble with stuff like this; there isn't much worth writing, so why bother? Ah, no matter! I'll find something about which to ramble. Hm. You know, this sort of thing comes up with my friends, too; I don't have much of interest to tell them, so I end up not saying much at all. And when I do say something, it usually ends up being somewhat absurd - almost talking just for the sake of talking. Don't get me wrong, I do have some good, meaningful discussions with my friends, they just aren't the majority of my conversations. Granted, I don't want to spend all my time discussing politics or philosophy (mind you, philosophy is great to discuss! But I'm with some of the English philosophers on this: sometimes you need to just set aside a philosophical discussion to go to the pub and play games --there was one philosopher in particular who would go and play backgammon... wish I could remember who that was...).

At the end of the day, though, I lead a pretty boring life. I go to work, sell people things (or package hops, or invoice shipments, or clean, or... whatever), then I come home and spend most of my time in front of a screen - usually playing on my laptop. I don't go out all that often, and when I do there isn't much for me to talk about. "How was your day?" "Fine. I sold things." -- I could go into detail, but what does it matter? Who cares WHAT I sold, or to WHOM? There's hardly anything worth saying. Ever. And so, radio silence. I don't talk to people. I become a bit more introverted. I turn into a hermit. Or maybe a mime. ...A hermit-mime?

Now, this may sound like I should start bemoaning the fact that I lead a very boring life... and maybe that's what I'm doing here, but really, while it IS uneventful, it's not BAD. Just... quiet. I enjoy my time, but it's just filled with stuff nobody else would really care to hear about:

"What did you do today?" "I won a game!" "Well, that's good." "Yeah. It looked like my team was going to lose, but we all fell back, regrouped and pushed up the middle of the map together. It was a great comeback!" "...I'm glad you had fun."

...You had to have been there, I guess. Nevermind. I'll just be quiet.


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